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Learning by interactions/hands-on approach is the best way for children to learn.  We offer an individualized curriculum to meet the needs of every child.  Our center offers fun ways to learn through crafts, music, and books. We have Sensory tables along with activities that enhance fine and gross motor skills.   Families receive a monthly curriculum newsletter outlining the color/shape, letters/numbers, vocabulary, and sign language for the month.   All Early Intervention Workers are welcomed!

FREE Meals, Diaper, and Wipes

We are proud to be the first privately owned daycare center to offer free diapers, wipes, formula for infants, and meals for children enrolled.  This was our biggest accomplishment for 2022.  We understand that childcare is a huge expense for families.  We also have our own farmstand which produces all of our salad greens.

Monthly Photos

Taking a picture is a wonderful way to capture many special moments during the day.... Free monthly themed photos go home each month for the parents to see their child in action.  Pictures are also posted to our Kinderlime App.


School-Age Childcare

Before School Childcare $65

After School Childcare $65

Both Before & After School Childcare $100

Snow Days $30 Daily Rate

Vacation - Winter & Summer - $150 per week

Part-Time Childcare

Our part-time childcare services provide families with 3 full days (Max of 30-hrs per week) of care from 6am- 6pm Monday through Friday.  Days are subject to availability and any family can be placed on our waiting list.  Part-time childcare services are $230 per week with a last week's deposit needed for your child to start care.  Our sibling discount rate is $200 per week. We accept state-issued childcare vouchers.

Full-Time Childcare

Our full-time childcare services provide families with 5 full days (Max of 50-hrs per week) of care from 6am -6pm Monday through Friday.  Full-time childcare services are $350 per week with a last week's deposit needed for your child to start.  Our sibling discount rate is $310 per week. We accept state-issued childcare vouchers.

Curbside Sign-in/out

Small Steps Daycare now offers a contactless sign-in/out.  Parents are prompted to sign in or out once they are within 50 meters of the Center.   Each family will have to answer a series of screening questions before they are allowed into the center.  This geofencing solution is made possible via the Procare Application

Our Facebook Page

Join us on Facebook!  Our Facebook Page is a great place to meet the Small Steps family. Weekly messages and pictures are posted for all to see the wonderful happenings at the daycare.  Educational and informational videos are also shared.  Can also follow us on Instagram; our handle is smallstepsarebest!

Online Billing & Kiosk System

We are completely paperless.  Our entire enrollment process can be done from the convenience of your mobile phone.  Each classroom is equipped with a Kiosk System that links teachers to parents via our App.  Parents have the flexibility to not only pay online via electronic invoices but to log into the App. and receive pictures/video daily.   


1275 Pawtucket Blvd. Lowell MA 01854

Call Us

(978) 319-8829

Karen JohnHope has over 16 years of experience in Early Childhood Education.  Starting from humble beginings as a home daycare educator, Karen has Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and is licensed by the state of Massachusetts with Director II Certification.

Karen Maria Smith


Jon Pierre Smith brings over 17 years of experience in retail, catering, and dining Food service experience.  Meal planning and purchasing food/supplies as just some the many talents that Small Steps Daycare utilizes from his expertise. 

Jon Pierre Smith Sr.

Food Service Director/Owner

Mary Odle has over 30 years experience in financial budgeting, cost accounting and currently serves as Chief Financial Administrator for School of Public Health at Harvard University.

Mary Odle

Chief Financial Advisor/Owner

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